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sona masoori rice bag

Deluxe Sona Masoori Raw Rice is derived from seasoned and hand picked rice varieties.

Ponni rice

Easy Digest Ponni Boiled Rice is derived from traditional rice varieties and custom-boiled for healthy eating.

Idli rice product image

Iddly Special Tiffin Rice is derived from hand picked varieties and custom-boiled for fluffy iddlies and crispy dosas.

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Rice Varieties:

Ponni Raw Rice, Brown Rice and Seeraga Sambha Rice.

When choosing rice, flavour, aroma, firmness and stickiness all have to be taken into account. Generally long grain rice is used in pilafs, side dishes, stir-fry and salads. Short Grain Rice is used in sushi, rice balls or rice puddings. Medium Grain rice is used in risotto, paella, pancakes or rice pudding. Parboiled rice is suitable for soups, stews, entrees and side dishes. Shiv Brand is the premium brand for quality rice products. In the next few months, new products and varieties will be released.

Storage Tips

bullet image To prevent spoilage by moisture or insects, store rice in a tightly covered container in a cool, dark place. Properly stored white rice keeps for at least a year.
bullet image Do not store rice in the basement where the temperature will become very cold and also you cannot store rice in very high temperature.

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